Practice Areas

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Personal Injury

The overwhelming majority of my time is spent handling cases of personal injury -- car wrecks, Workers' Compensation, etc. Since moving to Wilmington in 1997, I have handled several thousand cases. However, there is no doubt that every case is different because each person's body and injuries are always different.

Traffic Tickets

It is easy to dismiss a traffic ticket as something minor or inconsequential. The truth is that a ticket can have disastrous consequences on your life if it is not handled properly. For example, a seemingly minor traffic ticket can lead to a huge increase in your car insurance rates, a suspension of your license, or even jail!

Criminal Defense

Being arrested is significant because of the way that a conviction can cause problems in almost every part of your life. However, depending on the charges and depending on a person's criminal record, there are often things that can be done to lessen the impact of the charges. Plus, a person always has the right to demand a trial and to fight for their innocence in court.


If you are arrested for DWI in North Carolina, your license and your freedoms are at risk. Depending on your record, you could face the loss of your license and also time in jail. However, there are often ways to lessen the possible harsh punishments. For example, if it is your first DWI, it is usually possible to get a restricted license and to volunteer for community service instead of time in jail.

Free Consultation

When you and I meet to discuss your situation, there will be no legal fee. I never charge a fee to simply talk to someone. After you and I discuss your case, I will be able to tell you what I believe I can do for you and what legal fee will be charged.

Again, there is never a fee for a consultation. In addition, I am flexible and work with all of my clients if payment plans are needed.