Personal Injury

Personal Injury

The overwhelming majority of my time is spent handling cases of personal injury -- car wrecks, Workers' Compensation, etc. Since moving to Wilmington in 1997, I have handled several thousand cases. However, there is no doubt that every case is different because each person's body and injuries are always different.

If you hire me to help you with your personal injury case, I will fight to make sure the insurance companies do not try to take advantage of you during your period of recovery. I will also help you navigate the medical system so you can get the medical care that you need.

Plus, if you have been in a car wreck, I will make sure the insurance company pays for all necessary repairs to your vehicle. Basically, my job is to make the difficult process less complicated for you as you recover from injuries.

As I said above, every case that involves a personal injury is different. So, if you have any questions, please call my office for a free consultation. When you call my office, you will speak to me. I will fight for your rights and interests. I handle each client's case because each case is important and unique. I believe that every client deserves my personal attention and expertise.

If you need representation and you're not sure if we handle your kind of case, call us now at (910) 763-9913 to find out.